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Maritime Card Replacement

As of January 2019, OSHA updated their guidelines for OSHA Maritime courses.  These cards no longer expire after 5 years.  Anyone who previously took an OSHA Maritime course, and has a card that has not yet expired (course took place after 4/2014) can request a replacement card for a fee, or retake the course for a new card that will not expire.

Any students who attended one of our previous courses may request a new card using the form below.  Once attendance is confirmed, an invoice for the replacement fee will be sent.  Upon payment, a replacement card will be requested from the OSHA Training Institute.  Please note that the OSHA Training Institute charges $60 for a replacement card, while we charge a $15 administrative fee for processing the replacement request.

Only students trained through SAFETY RESOURCES may request cards.  Please contact the OSHA trainer on your card to request your replacement card if you were not trained through Safety Resources.

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